Designs of mehndi

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Applying Mehndi is a tradition in our country wheither it is any occasion of Eid, Shadi or any other happy event , here are some tips and few designs of mehndi which are attractive and easy to apply make a print of them and have them in your hand 
For Both hands and feets  

  • Always try to buy a cone to apply mehndi, for good results.

  • An attractive style of mehndi for both arms and half hands

  • Make a comparative big whole in your cone to make your mehandi result more bright, Try this idea and see,  

this style called Arabic style of mehndi

  • (for hands)

A beautiful design for feet

Now a days glitter mehndi is in fashion
Here are few designs

If you do not have enoygh time to get the color of mehndi you can have stamp mehndi which are

available in the market Although they are not good for skin but in emergancy you can use it once.

Here are few ideas
These mehnsi stemps are carvedon wood